The MK 122 is predominantly deployed with the F/A 18 tactical fighter-bomber aircraft as an arming safety switch to insure the activation of the bomb’s fuze system does not occur until the bomb is deployed.   The MK 122 Mod 0 works by connecting the fuze control circuits of the bomb on the aircraft to the electrical fuze circuits in the bomb. While a bomb is loaded, the coaxial cable of the switch is plugged into the receptacle of the aircraft’s electronic arming unit.  Upon bomb release, the lanyard pulls the lanyard pin and closes the fuze circuit. If the bomb is not released from the weapons rack, the MK122 Mod 0 safety switch does not receive a charge to arm.


Ordnance Technology Service, Inc. and the MK 122 

In 2007, Ordnance Technology Service, Inc. (OTS) was asked to develop the MK 122 Mod 0 for an allied Navy.  Due to the inability to locate a qualified source of manufacture still in business, the customer contracted with OTS to become a new manufacturer of the MK 122 Mod 0.  Over 5,700 units later, OTS has become the sole source manufacturer of this product in the United States.


Please consider OTS as a proven source for MK 122 Mod 0 for your next requisition.  Further, OTS welcomes the opportunity to work with your individualized needs on the design and development of the next generation MK 122 (Mod 1 or any further hybrid deemed appropriate).