OTS History

torphistoryOrdnance Technology Service (OTS) was founded in February of 1987 by Stan Allenby.  Stan was a former program manager at TRW for the MK46 torpedo product line. The goal of OTS was to supplement the support of spare parts and programs for the larger Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM).   As a 25-year veteran of the program at TRW, Stan felt there was a need to act as a liaison between Honeywell, TRW, other OEMs and the US Navy in regard to the MK46 torpedo program.  His expertise and contacts allowed him the ability to provide expedited answers to questions, significantly shorter turnaround time on spare parts, and consult for issues confronting the parties involved.  Critical to his success was establishing a foundation for this company as methodical as TRW.  OTS was created by maintaining similar procedures, product manufacturing requirements, inspection, and packaging.  In short, customers received the same level of quality they were accustomed to in a smaller, more efficient, and cost-effective manner.  This foundation has bridged the generations and continues to be the basis of OTS today.

What has changed at OTS over the years is the depth and breadth of what is offered.  What started as a single individual, with knowledge and contacts, has grown into an organization with a cadre of personnel, both in-house and on call that can assist in the continued support of the torpedo industry.  Located in a 75,000 square foot facility, OTS has accumulated considerable assets from the two large OEMs whose roots were in Cleveland (see Cleveland Torpedo History) and continues to communicate with key personnel that both developed and produced the technology utilized today.  Through these acquired assets OTS has been able to maintain the depth of knowledge utilized during the development era.

In terms of breadth of knowledge, OTS has moved well beyond the original MK46 torpedo and now includes:

  • The MK48 Heavyweight Torpedo Program
  • The MK32 Torpedo Launch System
  • The MK46 Lightweight Torpedo Program
  • The MK54 Lightweight Torpedo Program
  • The MK30 Acoustic Target
  • MK37, NT37, & MK44 Legacy Torpedoes
  • Ordnance Handling Systems

Each of these areas have been added and enhanced with the same fundamental foundation for product quality and customer needs since OTS’ inception in 1987.  It is for that reason that our customers view us as an organization with an ability to provide solutions for the subject requirement and how it interfaces, either within the torpedo, or throughout the program.  Our ability to provide support for the entire US torpedo product line (including launchers, handling equipment, etc.) is rivaled only by the US Navy.

High quality, responsive service, at a competitive cost.  The logical choice.