MK37, NT37, & MK44


While no longer in service with the U.S. Navy, legacy torpedoes including the MK37, NT37, and MK44 are still in use with foreign allied navies.  As a niche market, spares support by OTS is based upon core competences of similar products.  These product lines represent the prior knowledge which today’s torpedoes are built upon.  Having technical data for limited components, as well as extensive knowledge and understanding in application, provides OTS the opportunity to be a critical supplier to foreign support.


Obsolescence mitigation is often required when supporting these legacy systems.  OTS customer benefits include mitigation proposals that meet or exceed original requirements for form, fit, and function.  Our original documentation and links allow OTS the ability to support requirements by:

  • Providing spare parts directly
  • Updating existing parts to meet current requirement
  • Locating surplus inventory that is still qualified for use


In closing, older product lines represent difficult challenges when working with critical Navy ordnance components.  OTS has over 25 years of experience to draw upon to meet your requirements.