Product - MK46

OTS’ roots have been firmly imbedded in support of the MK46 lightweight torpedo since its founding in 1987.  Developed as a replacement for the MK44, the MK46 is the current NATO standard lightweight torpedo, with total production of over 25,000 units.  Using a proven propulsion system and multiple configurations (MODS), the MK46 is the most exercised torpedo in history.

Throughout the years, many companies have supported the MK46 Program, including Aerojet, Gould, Honeywell, and TRW.  Of these, the most prominent combination was Honeywell and TRW.  As mentioned on the Cleveland history page, the majority of MK46 torpedoes came from OEM Honeywell units which contained propulsion systems developed and manufactured by TRW.  These TRW manufactured components were not only of the highest quality but were manufactured using the proprietary technical data package (TDP) that helped ensure a 99% successful firing rate.  It is also important to note that TRW developed TDP exists entirely within the envelope of NAVSEA drawings (i.e. TRW compliant components met or exceeded Naval specifications).  Today, TRW’s residual inventory, and more importantly the TDP, is now controlled by OTS.

_MK-46_Mod_5_lightweight_torpedoThrough the use of acquired inventory, TDP, and manufacturing expertise of OTS personnel, we are proud to continue support of the MK46 to the US Navy, Allied Navies, and OEMs.  All MK46 MODS are currently supported by OTS.  The following is a representative listing of key components supported by OTS:

  • Fuel Tank Shells
  • Afterbody Shells
  • Forward and Aft Propellers
  • Engine Assemblies
  • Internal Engine Components
  • Combustion Chambers
  • Steering Components
  • Fin Assemblies
  • Cabling
  • Handling Equipment
  • Maintenance Kits
  • Tooling