OTS has access to many of the design and manufacturing personnel that worked for the Cleveland Torpedo Industry.  Through agreements with key individuals, OTS can provide valuable input into torpedo design, history, and past problems.  This translates to products beyond the torpedo as well. Harsh environment applications, particularly those underwater, are often very similar to what was developed and observed in the historical development of the torpedo.  OTS contacts have been tapped to assist the Navy with both torpedo and non-torpedo related issues.  Our experience saves considerable money and production delays.

OTS houses in depth historical knowledge.  This has proven beneficial when assessing the origin of root causes, lessons learned, etc. These assets give OTS the depth to service the design and production entities with critical assistance. Areas of consulting include but are not limited to the following.

Technical Support

OTS offers technical support in:

  • Problem solving
  • Product Development
  • Manufacturing Design

OTS’ small size is a benefit as product development and manufacturing design are interrelated. The individuals that develop the product for a specific application are the same as those working at the manufacturing level for maximum efficiency on the production floor. OTS consultants have the experience in development and follow through to create a dual benefit. This experience and expertise include but is not limited to machining, painting/coatings, test equipment/tooling, electrical cables, metal fabrication and plastics molding. We also offer reverse engineering to deal with obsolescence issues and drawing inefficiencies/shortcomings.


Product Support

OTS has acquired significant torpedo residual inventory from the original production program (and suppliers), as well as manufacturing extra components where it is cost-effective. We stock long lead castings, forgings and specialized items for many products to minimize customer impact on delivery.

OTS maintains much of the tooling and test equipment used during the original torpedo production process.  This tooling provides increased knowledge and understanding of the parts, and critical aspects of their manufacture.  Further, this tooling allows for quick production when new build items are required.

The key to the product support is to get the right product, for the right application in a timely manner. Obsolescence and interpretation can lead to manufacturing error.  Our integration of technical support, product knowledge, and existing tooling allows for risk mitigation and direct interchangeability of the product.



Logistical Support

OTS understands the importance of managing the flow of materials and product, from source to user, in a quality and timely manner.

OTS has proven ISO compliant procedures in place that fully manage all elements required to accomplish this commitment.  Logistic support elements which include, but not limited to:

  • Material Flow
  • Purchasing
  • Testing
  • Evaluation
  • Government Source Inspection
  • Configuration Management
  • Supply Support Inventory Control
  • Warehousing
  • Packaging
  • Handling
  • Shipping
  • Through-life Customer Support