Developed as a cost-effective successor to the MK46 lightweight torpedo, the MK 54 is the lightweight torpedo used by today’s US Navy.  The MK54 combines the time-tested propulsion system of the MK46, with the digital electronics of the MK50.  Further, the enhanced speed capability of the MK48 ADCAP Speed Control Valve makes the MK54 a combination of critical components and updated digital electronic technology.  The resulting weapon system utilizes all areas of OTS’ expertise and manufacturing capabilites.


To users of the MK46 torpedo, the MK54 is an obvious upgrade.  Due to familiarity of propulsion systems and similarity in launch systems, transition from MK46 to MK54 occurs with limited additional cost and training.  It also means that OTS is unique in its ability to support the MK46 propulsion system Technical Data Package (See MK46).  Other unique components to the MK54 already supported by OTS include the following:

  • Accessories Bulkhead
  • Fuel Pump Head
  • Fuel Tank
  • Speed Control Valve
  • Various Tube Assemblies


In addition, the following are other MK46 components already supplied by OTS that will be of critical need in the near future:

  • Afterbody Shells
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Combustion Chambers
  • Maintenance Kits
  • Piston Assemblies
  • Rotary Valve


Using the TRW developed TDP, in conjunction with current revision NAVSEA drawings, OTS supports the MK54 Program with OEM spares and on-call engineering support.  Since the MK54 was first deployed, OTS has provided components to the US Navy, OEM Raytheon, and Allied Navies.