OTS is finding significant success in transferring its 25+ years of torpedo expertise to unmanned underwater applications that utilize similar technology and dimensions.  Similarities between OTS’ core products and current designs of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles exist across all aspects of design and production.  These similarities include, but are not limited to:

  • Design – Current iteration UUVs are identical in diameter to heavy- and lightweight torpedoes, respectively 21″ and 12.75″.   As OTS is currently tooled up to work with material of both diameters, substantial lead-time and cost savings can be realized.
  • Environment – As UUVs exist in an identical environment to OTS’ core product, carryover of environment specific components includes:
    • Harsh environment, deep water cabling
    • Hermetically sealed switches and sensors
    • Hull/shell sections processed for corrosion control and prevention
    • High-strength aluminum and composite components that can withstand the rigors of repeated in-water operations
    • Production – As a developing technology, UUVs represent a substantial investment of both time and capital.  OTS process controls ensure quality and repeatability of all Build-To-Print components.

OTS can help design & build your product on decades of expertise and hands-on experience.   The rich torpedo heritage in the Cleveland area (see History) allows OTS to draw on engineering support from former and current:

  • Design engineers
  • Manufacturing engineers
  • Production engineers
  • Program managers
  • OEM assembly and inspection personnel
  • Innovators and pioneers of underwater systems

Additionally, our current inventory of underwater systems components offers low-cost options for prototype or production work that are readily available without long lead times.

In summary, Underwater Vehicles and Torpedoes are similar in product and environment.  OTS welcomes the opportunity use our time-tested experience to evaluate your UUV component needs.